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Blanket Scarves have easily become one of our favorite ways of adding style to outfits during the colder months. It seems like there are endless ways to wear them, but we put together a list of our five absolute favorites:

Faux-Infinity Scarf

Some days, you just want an infinity scarf. The great thing about blanket scarves is they can even transform into these too! Just fold it two or three times, wrap it around your neck, and tie or tuck the ends. That’s it!


This is the super trendy way to wear a blanket scarf and it isn’t as hard as it looks. Fold the scarf into a triangle and hold it in front of you. Take the two ends and loosely wrap them around your neck and simply tuck the ends under the triangle.


At an outdoor event and need a little more warmth? Fold a blanket scarf at two opposite corners, making a triangle, and wrap it around you like a poncho.


This is similar to the poncho look, but fold it into a rectangle instead of a triangle. Once you pull it over your shoulders, cinch it at your waist with a belt to keep it in place and add even more style to your outfit.

Draped and Untied

It’s amazing how much style you can get with so little work with a blanket scarf. Just fold in half a couple of times and drape it around your neck, like an untied scarf.

Make sure you check out all of our blanket scarves in the shop! There is till plenty of cold weather left, so don’t miss out on these.


5 Ways To Wear A Blanket Scarf



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