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If you’ve ever been to a yoga or meditation class, there is a good chance that you’ve heard someone chanting “Om” before. The chances are even better that you’ve seen the symbol representing it somewhere. What does it even mean, though?

It’s a little hard to describe what exactly Om is, but most religions agree that it, basically, represents everything that exists now, or ever. This is the sound that monks hear when meditating and is believed to be the sound of the universe. Before anything existed, some religions believe, Om existed.

That is why people chant Om when they meditate or practice yoga. It is the sound of the very thing that they are attempting to connect with. Some say that chanting alone can connect you with that power of the universe, but at the very least it is a single sound that can focus and calm you, no matter what you are doing, or how hectic the modern world might seem.

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